Space Sharing

About Space Sharing: The Incubator

Are you itching to get back to in-office face-to-face therapy; the kind of in-person experience where you are able to access all methods of communication without the limitations presented by a screen?

Maybe, like many others, you have also come to enjoy “telecommuting” some days, and some of your client base enjoys the ease and convenience of online therapy sessions. You really don’t have the need to pay for a full-time private office, nor the desire to invest in setting one up.

Or maybe you’re just getting started and need a space to start growing your clientele, or you have a client base in the area and know that having a local office one day a week would be in everyone’s best interest.

When I first started private practice in 2015, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to utilize space in this manner until I had a full practice with a waitlist. But then shortly after setting up my own independent office, Covid rolled in and rocked our world.

I worked primarily with children and lost many of my clients, forcing me to bob-and-weave my way through a method of providing therapy that was unprecedented pre-Covid. My client demographic changed dramatically, and there was no sense in maintaining an office that sat empty.

In 2022, I was granted an amazing opportunity to re-enter the field as we once knew it better and stronger, creating what I see as an “incubator” to assist fellow therapists, psychologists, and social workers to build back their practice post-Covid. I am grateful for the growth and the professional relationships I created when I initially started my practice in a space-share setting, and I am excited to be able to pay that graciousness forward.

River Rock Wellness is located in the majestic Redwoods forest overlooking the San Lorenzo River. Not only are there 2 private office suites, but there is also ample outdoor space for walk-and-talk opportunities and a usable community space with a patio, kitchen, and meeting room.

The Rooms

Natural Comfort

Surrounded with greenery and adorned with elements of glass and rock, warm and cool, our smaller private suite is perfect for individuals and couples seeking security and comfort in a more personal space.

Ideal for
Children & Families

Our larger suite is perfect for children’s play therapy or accommodating larger groups, and it is fully stocked with a sand tray, board games, art supplies, lots of miniatures, and meditation pads.

Warm & Inviting

Our waiting area (pictured in the header image) doubles up as a third, less private meeting space. Adjoining the kitchen with a large open “window”, it can be utilized as a larger, meeting space that allows for movement and break-away groups.

Workshops & Retreats

Utilizing all of the rooms together, in conjunction with the patio and general outdoor area, River Rock Wellness provides an idyllic setting for workshops and retreats.

Practitioner Contact

River Rock Wellness has office space available! If you are a practitioner looking to office share or collaborate on an idea, including consulting, contracting and supervision, please contact me using this form. You will receive a timely response with a link to more images, videos and information about the space.

If you are a prospective client inquiring about services, please use the form on this page instead so that your message is directed to the right location.